The 2020 Championship was a challenge but we won

She was looking for stability after years of work as a freelance event organiser, she found that job security in 2006 at Dorna Sports. 16 years later, she was one of the key figures behind the success of a World Championship put in serious danger by the Covid-19 pandemic. We are talking about Norma Companys, director of the MotoGP™ Championship events. We dedicate the last 8th day of the month in 2020 to her so that she can tell us how she managed this season and it is also a way to pay homage to the courageous decisions she has made in recent months, helping to make us forget, albeit for a few hours, the situation in which we are living and allowing us to get excited in front of the screens as we watch our favorite sport.

“2020 was a challenge for everyone. When we were isolating at home, we met for hours and hours every day to find a solution and to try to outline possible scenarios without yet knowing when we would leave the house,” says Norma. “We lived in uncertainty. Carmelo and Carlos Ezpeleta spoke constantly with all the promoters so they were updated every day on the situation in each country. As soon as the conditions were right, we immediately created the contingency plan from which the safety protocol was born to protect and safeguard the health of all the people involved in the paddock.”

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Norma Companys, Events Director at Dorna Sports, has been one of the pillars behind the success of the season marked by the pandemic

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